A comprehensive guide to the therapeutic benefits of light and color and how they affect our physical and psychological well-being.

• Shares scientific research on how different wavelengths of light influence our cells, brain function, sleep patterns, and emotional stability

• Examines several forms of light therapy, including chromotherapy, heliotherapy, actinotherapy, and thermotherapy

• Explains how to use light and color therapy, maximize the benefits of sunlight, and avoid the health risks of new light sources such as compact fluorescents and LEDs 

Light Therapies - Book coverBeginning with sun worship in prehistory and sunshine therapies in ancient Egypt, Greece, and India, light has long been associated with the sublime, the divine, and healing.Yet only recently have we begun to understand how different parts of the light spectrum, from infrared to ultraviolet, can affect our physical and psychological well-being.

Covering the historic, scientific, and spiritual aspects of light and its role in energy medicine, Anadi Martel explores the vibrational nature of light and the interaction between light, biology, and consciousness. He demonstrates light’s incredible effects on the physical, energetic, and cognitive dimensions of life and examines several forms of light therapy, including chromotherapy (color therapy), heliotherapy (sun therapy), actinotherapy (ultraviolet therapy), and thermotherapy (infrared therapy). He details how to use light therapy daily, get optimal benefits from sunlight, and avoid the health risks of new artificial lighting such as compact fluorescents and LEDs. Combining his own 30 years of research with practical insight from the many phototherapy pioneers he’s encountered, the author examines scientific studies on how specific wavelengths of light influence our cells and DNA, brain function, sleep patterns, and emotional stability; speed the healing of wounds; and are effective in the treatment of disease, including arthritis, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and brain and nerve injuries. Exploring the spiritual aspects of light, the author explains why auras and halos have been used to represent sages and saints of all traditions, revealing the intimate link between light and consciousness.

Investigating the many laser, monochrome, audiovisual, and infrared machines designed to heal disease and treat emotional disorders, Martel also reveals promising medical applications for light that are currently in development, inviting the reader not only to appreciate the complexities of light but to maximize its therapeutic dimensions.

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Anadi Martel

Anadi Martel

Physicist and expert in electronics, Anadi Martel designs experimental instruments for use in the exploration of sound and light. He also acts as a consultant for special projects for diverse organizations such as IMAX, Cirque du Soleil and the Metropolitan Opera of New York. His sound spatialization devices have been used throughout the world, by artists of international renown as well as by NASA.

Early in his career, he became interested in the interaction between technology and consciousness. His thirty years of research in this field brought him to the creation of the multi-sensorial Sensora system, which he continues to develop in his laboratory in Quebec.

Considered to be one of the most advanced systems in the world in this field, the Sensora combines audio, visual and kinesthetic stimulation to produce a profound integrative experience, effective as therapeutic support in numerous clinical applications.

​During seven years up to 2018, Anadi Martel was president of the International Light Association (ILA), a group of researchers exploring the therapeutic applications of light. The ILA acts as a bridge between leading scientists offering their latest research, and the practitioners of the diverse forms of Light Therapy.


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